Welcome to the website of the UK registered charity Educate the World [UK].  Educate the World [UK] works primarily to raise awareness of the issues related to the 58-59 million out-of-school children around the world and the goal of provision of universal primary education for every child as well as providing advice and non-financial support to organisations working to achieve this goal.  The Charity is not a grant awarding body and any funds raised which are not expended on awareness camapigns are distributed in accordance with our Charitable Objects by the Board of Trustees.  Due to the amount received, we are unable to respond to unsolicited requests for support.

Latest News

23/08/2016 – The Board of Trustees of Educate the World [UK] have decided that the charity will focus on our role as a ‘Teach the World’ implementation partner.  No other organisations or projects will be supported at the present time except in an advisory capacity.